What are the side effects of a candida cleanse?

Question by Kelley J: What are the side effects of a candida cleanse?
I have been sick for about 5 days, and I was doing a candida cleanse for about a week before then. I’m wondering if there is a connection.

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Answer by spazchickens
you get a sick feeling(Flu-like symptoms), headaches, aches, or abdominal distress(gas and bloating), blurred vision, brain fog, nausea, etc.

Die-off can last a day to over a week is normal. Depending on how infested you are.

I usually start off slow by first using the anti-candida diet for a couple weeks to a month then going to the candida cleanse. Also your allowed to take half the dose of the cleanse.

Also, it’s good to take fiber to go to the restroom to help flush the poisons out. Flax seed fiber will work well. Also drink plenty of filtered water.

One of the reasons it takes so long to remove a yeast infection is that the death of one yeast cell is food for another yeast cell, which encourages those yeast colonies still living. They are being fed and supported by the internal fluids of dead cells. Until the majority of the yeast colonies are destroyed, the die-off reactions will never completely go away.

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