Treating Candida

Systemic infections are a pain in the neck to treat, and Candida yeast infections are among them. Generally, treating this kind of disease requires certain antibiotics or antifungals, and it can be quite costly. However, treating candida usually has a good prognosis just as long as you are totally religious and stick to the treatment.

Candida Albicans, the organism that causes yeast infections, is included in the normal microflora found in the body. They typically aren’t harmful, but when their growth gets out of hand, then danger is looming around the corner. Overwhelming growth of Candida can can be caused be misuse or overuse of antibiotics, poor diet, unhygienic practices, or a suppressed immune system, among many others.

Products for Treating Candida

Treating Candida

Freedom From Candida Infection

Antifungals are one of the medicines used in treating Candida. The treatment can last for months and it generally requires high dosages. The downside to it is that it can have unpleasant side effects, although it’s very effective when used properly.

Probiotic supplements are of the essence even to people who are generally healthy, but they can also come in handy with Candida infection. Acidophilus and Lactobacilus strains are among them.  They can restore and keep the balance of good bacteria in the body. These probiotics can even prevent Candida yeast infection from recurring once it is treated. They are known to have amazing health benefits and are very accessible. You can purchase them in your local supermarket and consume daily.

Colloidal Silver was a very popular antimicrobial agent even before antibiotics came along. People who are infected with Candida are suggested to take this twice a day for three to nine months. Yes, it can be that long. Indeed, no pain, no gain.

Caprylic (or Undecanoic) Acid is also effective in treating Candida yeast infection. This medicine is usually taken twice a day at about 1,000 mg per dosage. The duration of the treatment can last up to 9 months, depending on its severity.

Boosting Your Candida Treatment Results

And since sugar can only make yeast thrive even more, a low sugar and low starch diet can be very helpful. Good outcome can actually be seen in just a few weeks if you stick with the diet daily. Have this diet together with other treatments and it’s certain you’ll feel better in less than a month. Nevertheless, since sugar and carbohydrates are required in the diet, you will have to look for other sources so you still meet your daily requirements for such.

As I have mentioned, individuals who have weak immune system are more susceptible to getting infected. Thus, avoiding stress is a good preventive measure to boost resistance against Candida and also prevent its recurrence. This is possible by having adequate rest and sleep daily and avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol.

Again, treating Candida infections can be agonizing. But it will all be worth it once you rid yourself of this very uncomfortable and troubling menace.

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